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Modern Japanese Geisha Toilet

The advantages of JAPAN WC products

Adopt impeccable hygiene with our Japanese toilets.

They are equipped with nozzles which expel a jet
of water. A first jet of water cleanses the anal area while a second jet gently cleanses the female intimate area. It is all these properties that make these toilets such special sanitary objects.

When using ordinary bidets, it is not uncommon for water to splash in all
sense, whereas with our JAPAN WC products, the spray head does not appear until you operate the water pressure lever.

When you close the water pressure lever, the head of
handshower retracts and is therefore protected from impurities. Jet pressure can be adjusted
manually. Depending on your preference, the water jet can range from "light water jet" to "more powerful water jet".

The hand shower has a self-cleaning function. Thus with each use, the heads of
hand shower are cleaned with water. Some products have the hot water option.

Why turn to Japanese hygiene?

At the end of a very exotic and absolutely unforgettable trip to Japan, I tried to remember everything that could have marked me in this unique country.

Obviously, the "classics" elements of Japanese culture had already captivated me for a long time: architecture, art, gastronomy, manga and
other hobbies, etc. But, something in particular had caught my attention. This thing was the relationship to the body and to cleanliness.

Japanese know-how and savoir-vivre conquered me, and in particular this hygiene know-how and savoir vivre that I found, both in traditional Japanese baths and saunas ... but also, in the toilets. The discovery of Japanese toilets has therefore been
for me a real revelation!

You should know that modern toilets in Japan, called in Japanese, Washlet (ウ ォ シ ュ レ ッ ト, woshuretto) are the most sophisticated in the world. Already in 2002, almost half of all homes in Japan had such a toilet - that is, more than the number of households with a computer.

Shogun toilet seat video

Already have a toilet and don't want to invest in an entire Japanese toilet? Here is the solution with our electric toilet seats which can be installed on your toilets and allow optimal hygiene.

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Customer satisfaction

“I used to wash only with paper, and I could see that sometimes that could be problematic. And sincerely the Tokyo bidet convinced me! It's clean it's efficient what more could you ask for? Thank you "

– Antoine, 26 years old

"You can really feel the Japanese spirit, whether in terms of hygiene, comfort or design. I do not regret. "

– Cyril, 34 years old

"When you are a woman you have to say what is, washing is always a mission. There no more fuss, the bidet does it all! "

– Linda, 25

“In fact, that's a lot of savings with this product. No more need for paper, no need to waste a lot of water. In short, great. Thank you. "

– Youssef, 42 years old

“At first I wasn't too hot, then when I first tried the product I was really won over. For a woman, it really changes your life ”

– Aminata, 22 years old

“I who have known Turkish toilets and bottled water all my life, it's true that it's much nicer! I was afraid for the installation but I took 15 minutes to install it is very easy. "

– Volkan, 56 years old


Allow 4 to 6 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) to receive your order in mainland France. (For bidets and toilet seats)

Japanese toilets require additional preparation time (12 to 20 days).

Possibility of delivering the same day in Ile-de-France for Japanese bidets.

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