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Dojo Japanese modern toilet

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This Japanese toilet, ultra design and modern, will fit perfectly into all your toilets or bathrooms. Ideal for small spaces.

Dojo Japanese toilet: maximum comfort and hygiene

It also has many positive aspects:

With an elegant and subtle design, the Japanese "Dojo" toilet will seduce the most aesthetes, and will fit perfectly into your interior.

Using the remote control supplied with the product, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away by its different washing modes which reach both the front and the back of the seat and allow a massage mode, for your greater comfort.

Its multiple drying functions will make cleaning easier.

Finally, the toilet is equipped with a self-cleaning mode that ensures maximum hygiene.

Reduced use of toilet paper in favor of more efficient and pleasant washing, this toilet is part of an ecological approach

Replaces the use of the bidet, a cumbersome object which thus disappears from the bathroom;

Particularly suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, it limits movement and significantly improves their autonomy;

Warranty 4 years
Color Black, white, pink, yellow, grey, green, blue
Size 69X49X54 cm (Length×Width×Height)
Weight 35kg
Material Ceramics
Installation type Installs like a standard floor standing toilet
Drainage pattern S-trap (vertical exit to the ground)
Size 580*385*435mm



Water pressure 3 to 4 BAR

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