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Kawaii Japanese Toilet (Small Size)


This small toilet will fit perfectly into any toilet or bathroom. Ideal for small spaces.

Kawaii Japanese toilet: maximum comfort and hygiene

It also has many positive aspects:

Reduced use of toilet paper in favor of more efficient and pleasant washing, this toilet is part of an ecological approach

Therapeutic qualities; according to some studies, its regular use helps to prevent and treat problems of constipation and hemorrhoids, and stimulates the surrounding muscles;

Replaces the use of the bidet, a cumbersome object which thus disappears from the bathroom;

Particularly suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, it limits movement and significantly improves their autonomy;

Batteries: CR2032-3V

Warranty 2 years
Color Black and white
Rinsing method Siphon jet flush
Material Ceramics
Installation type Floor Mounted
Drainage pattern To the wall P-trap (waste water drain to the wall)
Size 580*385*435mm


Installs like a standard floor standing toilet

Water pressure 3 to 5 BAR

Batteries: CR2032-3V

For information:

There are 2 types of waste water disposal:

(S-Trap) The sewage drain is vertical, i.e. towards the floor, the sewage drain hole is 30cm from the wall. In the bathrooms, the waste water evacuations are mainly vertical (S-Trap) while in the standard toilets the evacuation is done horizontally (P-trap).

(P-trap) Sewage discharge is horizontal,

Here is a model of a horizontal output in P-trap:

The vertical outlet (S-trap) of the waste water evacuations is 30 cm from the wall directly in the ground:

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