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Samurai Japanese modern toilet

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The multiple colors of the Japanese "Samouraï" toilet will fit perfectly into any type of decor.

Equipped with the remote control supplied with the product, all you have to do is take advantage of its different washing modes which reach both the front and the back of the seat, allow a massage mode as well as a drying function for your greatest comfort.

Finally, the toilet is equipped with a self-cleaning mode that ensures maximum hygiene.

Available in several colors: white, black, grey, gold.

*available in several colors.

2-year warranty

Japanese toilets do not have a water tank, they connect directly to your water supply. (checkthe water pressure in your home).

Samurai WC
Rated voltage
size (Length,Width,Height)
Heating mode
Instant heating
Rinse mode
Jet siphon type
Hole spacing
Water pressure requirements
0.15Mpa~0.75Mpa: 3 at 5 BAR (static state)

For information:

There are 2 types of waste water disposal:

(S-Trap) The sewage drain is carried out vertically, i.e. towards the ground, the sewage drain hole is 30cm from the wall. In the bathrooms, the waste water evacuations are mainly vertical (S-Trap) while in the standard toilets the evacuation is done horizontally (P-trap).

(P-trap) Sewage discharge is horizontal,

Here is a model of a horizontal P-trap output:

The vertical outlet (S-trap) of the waste water drains is 30 cm from the wall directly in the ground:

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Le futur

J'ai essayé les toilettes au Japon, en revenant en France je n'est pas hésité à acheter une toilette japonaise ! La toilette Samouraï est parfaite et tellement belle , toute ma famille en profite bien c'est très hygiénique et utile . Merci