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Japanese modern toilet Daimyo

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With an elegant and subtle design, the Japanese "Daimyo" toilet will seduce the most aesthetes, and will fit perfectly into your interior.

Using the remote control supplied with the product, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away by its different washing modes which reach both the front and the back of the seat and allow a massage mode, for your greater comfort.

Its multiple drying functions will make cleaning easier.

Finally, the toilet is equipped with a self-cleaning mode that ensures maximum hygiene.

Daimyo Japanese toilet: maximum comfort and hygiene

It also has many positive aspects:

Reduced use of toilet paper in favor of more efficient and pleasant washing, this toilet could be described as ecological;

Therapeutic qualities; according to some studies, its regular use helps to prevent and treat problems of constipation and hemorrhoids, and stimulates the surrounding muscles;

Replaces the use of the bidet, a cumbersome object which thus disappears from the bathroom;

Particularly suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, it limits movement and significantly improves their autonomy;

Japanese toilets do not have a water tank, they connect directly to your water supply. (check the water pressure in your home).

Name Daimyo Japanese toilet
Size 690*400*560mm
Rated voltage 220V
Heating mode Instant heating
Material Vitre china ceramic
Rinsing method Siphon Jet Rinse
Water pressure 3 to 5 BAR
Drainage Pattern S-trap or P-trap
Installation type Floor Mounted
Certification ISO9001,CE, Watermark

For information:

There are 2 types of waste water disposal:

(S-Trap) The sewage drain is vertical, i.e. towards the floor, the sewage drain hole is 30cm from the wall. In the bathrooms, the waste water evacuations are mainly vertical (S-Trap) while in the standard toilets the evacuation is done horizontally (P-trap).

(P-trap) Sewage discharge is horizontal,

Here is a model of a horizontal output in P-trap:

The vertical outlet (S-trap) of the waste water evacuations is 30 cm from the wall directly in the ground:

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