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Japanese Shogun electric seat

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Shogun Power Seat

The Shogun power seat has two spray heads. The first jet of water cleans the anal area, the second concerns the female area. Jet pressure can be adjusted manually. It includes a "heated seat" mode for your comfort, but also a drying function for thorough cleaning.

Depending on your preference, the water jet can range from "light water jet" to "stronger water jet". The Shogun toilet seat, connected to your sanitary facilities, has "hot water" and "cold water" functions for optimal comfort.

It has a self-cleaning function. Thus, with each use, the spray heads are self-cleaning.

( standard flexible size 15X21)

Battery: CR2450

The toilet seat works with electricity. Fits all toilets.

Name Shogun Electric Seat
Warranty 3 years
Dimension (Length, Width, Height) 51*38*15cm
Remote control Included
Installation Easy
Voltage 220V
Water pressure 0.8 to 7.5 Bar
Heated seat 50W
Batteries CR2450 not supplied
Heated seat temperature 30 to 40 degrees
Warm air drying 33 to 45 degrees
Certificate CE RoHS

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S'adapte parfaitement à mon WC

En fait, c’est beaucoup d’économies faites grâce à ce produit. Plus besoin de papier, plus besoin de gaspiller beaucoup d’eau. Bref, top. Merci à vous.