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Japanese style round wooden bathtub "ofuro" SUMO

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Sumo "ofuro" round wooden bathtub

In the tradition of "onsens", hot springs in which the Japanese like to bask, they usually immerse themselves in wooden tubs called “ofuro”. This round bathtub can accommodate up to two people for a convivial moment. The hot water and the feeling of weightlessness provide well-being and relaxation, but not only.

The beneficial effects of using a Japanese bathtub:

- Cedar wood, in addition to its aesthetic aspect which allows you to bathe in a soothing and natural atmosphere, it has the particularity of retaining the heat for a long moment of relaxation.
-The heat that emanates from a Japanese bathtub is an excellent anti-stress. The addition of essential oils will allow you to optimize this moment of calm.
-The heat allows the dilation of the blood vessels and contributes to good cardiovascular function.

- Reduces muscle and joint tension, and promotes relaxation.

- The Japanese bathtub can be adapted according to the desired size.

Accessories supplied with the bath: stepladder and wooden spoon.

Available in different sizes. (150,120 or 100 cm in diameter).

Availability: 3 to 6 days for the round bath 120 cm in diameter .

Handcrafted indoor wooden bathtub.

A 120*120*68 cm bathtub in stock

Accessories supplied with the bathtub: stepladder


Sumo Japanese Bath
Type of bathtub Indoor wooden bathtub

Dimensions (MM/Length×Width×Height)

Material Cedar
Color Natural Color
Useful capacity (Liter) 250 Liters
Tap Not included


Warranty 1 year
Installation type Classic
Weight 80kg
Manufacturing times 30 days*
Shipping times 5 to 10 days
Number of people 1 to 2 people

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