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Japanese electric seat Tsunami


Tsunami Power Seat

The Tsunami seat fits perfectly in all bathrooms and toilets: no need to choose between performance and design, choose both!

The Tsunami seat meets your hygiene and eco-friendly needs. Using our washing toilet seats allows you to come out of your toilet clean and protect the environment by using only water.

Has a side control panel integrated into the seat.

( standard flexible size 15X21)

The seat works with electricity.

Name Tsunami Power Seat
Warranty 2 years
Dimension (Length, Width, Height) 50*44*12cm
Side control panel Easy to use
Installation Easy
Voltage 220V
Water pressure 0.8 to 3 Bar
Heated seat 50W
Heated seat temperature 30 to 40 degrees
Warm air drying 33 to 45 degrees
Certificate CE RoHS