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Bushido Japanese Electric Toilet Seat

€549,99 €699,00

Bushido Electric Seat

The Bushido seat fits perfectly in all bathrooms and toilets: no need to choose between performance and design, choose both !

The Bushido toilet seat meets your hygiene and ecological needs. Using our washing toilet seats allows you to come out of your toilet clean and protect the environment by using only water.

Comes in multiple colors. (standard flexible size 15X21)

Only the white seat is available at the moment.

The seat works with electricity. Fits all toilets.

Name Bushido Electric Seat
Warranty 2 years
Dimension (Length, Width, Height) 51*39*15cm
Remote control Included
Installation Easy
Voltage 220V
Heated seat 50W
Water pressure 0.8 to 7.5 Bar
Heated seat temperature 30 to 40 degrees
Warm air drying 33 to 45 degrees
Certificate CE RoHS