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Experience the magic of the onsen from your home!

Article Le Journal de la Maison : Vivez la magie des onsen depuis chez vous !

Experience the magic of onsen from home!

These hot spring baths of volcanic origin, established as a true way of life in Japan, are sources of well-being and relaxation, both for body and mind. What if the onsen really came to your bathroom?

The Japanese hot spring bath: a hedonistic pleasure

The Japanese thermal bath is an ancient tradition. Many myths and legends have their origins in the onsen, which had their own deities, the kami.

The onsen – a word that designates both the source, the place and the bath itself – are located in the countless spa towns of the Japanese archipelago, in the mountains. Volcanic springs renowned for their therapeutic properties because they are rich in mineral salts. Very popular with Japanese people, we usually meet there with friends, family and sometimes even with colleagues. We share a moment of absolute relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and we can socialize there...in silence. Finally, we go in naked, and...clean.

Japanese bathtubs: the Japanese art of living at home

Established in 2020, Japan WC is a young company that allows us to have this experience from our bathroom. With these handmade Japanese bathtubs – called ofuro and which the Japanese use themselves – you can recreate the world of onsen at home. and experience an exceptional moment of relaxation.

Count on the delicious and typical smell of cedar wood – a material that retains heat longer and with which the bathtubs are made – to transport you directly to the heights of the Japanese peaks.

To complete the experience, why not enhance the water with Lemon Eucalyptus or Rosemary essential oils, which are ideal against rheumatism, or even Juniper essential oils to eliminate toxins?

Sitting on a buttocks rest provided for this purpose, just close your eyes and relax...Mount Fuji is only a few kilometers away.

Several looks and sizes of baths are available to suit all tastes, budgets and bathroom sizes: round baths of 150, 120 or 100 cm in diameter or classic-shaped baths. And if you only have a limited space, Japan WC also offers a round acrylic bathtub, thus clearing a place of choice like a shower in a bathroom.

Japan WC: bathtubs, but not only

The name Japan ‘WC’ must not have escaped your notice: no, this company does not only offer handcrafted Japanese bathtubs. It was during a trip to Japan three years earlier that Guillaume Selva, a lover of manga and Japanese culture, discovered...Japanese toilets!

An object that very often triggers, among us French people, a mixture of amazement, curiosity and enthusiasm. And for good reason: immediately tried, immediately adopted.

Japan WC also specializes in Japanese toilets, toilet seats and bidets. A wide range that makes it possible to offer this ideal water jet sanitary system for intimate hygiene at all budgets.

From ultra-design Japanese toilets – black, wall-hung or mini – to modern electric toilet seats, these little jewels of technology, which are both efficient, economical and ecological, fit perfectly into our interiors, and are also adapt to the needs of individuals with reduced mobility, such as the elderly or disabled, and children.

Finally, ideal for small budgets, the Japanese bidet can be installed with disconcerting ease, and can be removed just as easily. No need for major work and it will guarantee you optimal hygiene.

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